LED Retrofit Specialists

 What we do: At HEC Solutions we take a different approach to updating your current lighting than our competitors. Our team doesn't just swap out fluorescent tubes for Plug-in-Play LED tubes.  HEC transforms your lighting fixture into a brand new visually pleasing light source for your business. 

Our Goal: To help a business improve the quality of light in your most important work areas, reducing the use of electricity by 50% or more while maximizing utility rebates providing a 12-month return or less.

How does it work:

We first count the number of lighting fixtures,  determine the number of bulbs, and hours of operation.

We work with the business to determine how much light they need and what color/temp bulb works best for them. Most of our customers prefer a natural white color temp.

We also look at the aesthetics of the area. We can make your fixture look like a brand new LED fixture for a third of the cost by providing a custom fit optical diffuser to replace worn prismatic covers or eliminate parabolic covers in areas where they don't make sense.

The process: 

HEC provides a summary outlining the:

- Annual kWh reduced

- Annual dollar saving  

- Monthy dollar savings

- Project Cost

- National Grid/NYSEG Contribution (Rebate is 60% of project cost)

- Customer Cost

- Payback (in months)

Customer signs off on the summary.

National Grid/NYSEG provides a quick pre-inspection of the facility and creates a formal ESP (Energy Savings Plan) with the final offer. Business may be eligible to finance the customer portion of the plan on their electric bill for 12 months interest-free. 

Cash payments receive a 5% discount.

HEC Solutions purchases all material and works with the customer to determine the install dates and time. We will work overnight if permitted to avoid retail showroom disruption.

When work is complete the customer signs off on the project and payment is submitted to HEC Solutions by the electric utility. The customer does not perform any cash transactions with HEC Solutions unless a special circumstance is agreed upon.

Who we work with:

CALL   716-332-1642