Randy Hadden

Owner Advisor



HEC Solutions - Hadden Energy & Communications

HEC Solutions was established in the Buffalo, NY and surrounding regions to provide expertise for  a select group of energy and cloud based phone solutions for business.

After working in the deregulated energy field back in 2006, Randy found himself at the start up phase of Hover Networks, WNY's premier cloud based phone service provider,  in 2009. This experience included training of over 300 clients, field service work,  contributing to their excellent customer service team, and eventually working on the sales team by 2013. 

In early 2016 we decided to create HEC Solutions to become a Master Agent for Hover Networks, while also fulfilling a role in the fast growing Energy Industry. 

With the energy space so vast we decided to help business implement affordable solutions with the biggest impact on the bottom line without necessarily having to own the building. 

Our main energy components are gas & electric supply, and LED lighting upgrades. We can also help a business procure renewable energy resources like solar and wind.

We vetted some of the best partners in the their respective industries so that the customer doesn't have to. We also advise and manage each project for the life of the customer. We are dedicated to serve our customers, and the community, with honesty and integrity. 

Randy has been providing VoIP, Technology,  &  Energy Solutions in WNY for over 18 years. Please also find me on LinkedIn.